Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What's My "Diet" All About?

To answer basic questions about what I eat, what I don't eat, and why, here's a list of facts:
  • I don't eat eggs
  • I don't use dairy*
  • I DO use soy milk
  • I don't eat refined white sugar**
  • I don't eat artificial sweeteners***
  • if I use a sweetner, it's raw sugar or local organic honey
  • I don't drink sugarpops (coke, etc)
  • I don't eat refined white flour**
  • I DO stick with rye or pumpernickel breads
  • I DO eat pretty much everything else!
  • I DO get lots of protein from various sources
  • I DO get plenty of calcium, and everything else
  • I have lost 30 pounds on this "diet"
  • I have corrected my diabetes and cholesterol numbers through this lifestyle
  • I started out just for health sake, but now continue out of respect for God's pets, which He has created in infinite detail for His enjoyment, and which we were put in charge of to care for
  • "meat" is the only source of bad cholesterol: no meat = no cholesterol
  • "good" fats are in most vegetables
  • tofu, when prepared correctly, is super!
    (even potatoes can taste bad if not cooked or if cooked wrong)

  • NOTES:
    * I do eat imported cheese on rare occasion - imported cheeses are free from all the pesticides and hormones of American cheeses
    ** as much as possible, but these damaged goods are snuck into so many foods it's almost impossible to avoid them totally
    ***these have all been proven to be poisonous to one extent or another

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