Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Great Book (Odd Name!)

These ladies lay it on the line - funny, clever, and very informative!

Live Healthy = Eat Healthy!

"You are what you eat!" You've heard it before, and it's still true. What you put in you becomes part of you. Too many of us have been feeding garbage into our bodies only to think, "why do I feel bad so much of the time?"

1) If you look at the original plan for man and woman (in Genesis 1:29) you see we were DESIGNED to eat vegetables, fruits, nuts, herbs, etc. NOT MEAT. Man didn't start eating animals for thousands of years after he was created - until after the flood.

Our bodies are vegetarian machines. Put diesel into your gasoline engine - consistently - and see how well it runs! Same with your body. DON'T EAT MEAT or other animal stuff, such as eggs, milk (it's awful for you!) or cheese.
Oh, and yes, chickens are animals. Sheesh!

2) Fat is hard on your body. Some are OK, yes, such as olive oil and grapeseed oil. But too much of any fat is hard on your blood vessels and cells. Keep the fats to a minimum.

3) Fiber and "low glycemic index" foods are good for your heart, your cells, your whole body. They fight cancer. They keep your vessels clean. Beans are life giving food!

This isn't some haphazard experiment some great Someone threw together without thinking. God, in His infinite and glorious wisdom created not only our bodies, but the perfect fuels for them - at the same time! In Eden, when everything was perfect, He gave us the perfect food for our bodies.

Use some common sense and eat what we were meant to eat.

The Cost of Eating Meat

According to a new report by LiveScience (http://www.livescience.com/environment/080505-chicken-beef.html), the most damaging part of carnivorism (ecologically, that is) is the "production" part - you know, the part where the cows, chickens, pigs, or whatever else is eaten are crammed together and slaughtered, then chopped into mouth-sized pieces so they can be eaten.


Their report states: "
The production phase is responsible for 83 percent of the average U.S. household's greenhouse-gas burden with regard to food, while transportation accounts for only 11 percent, the new study found. The production of red meat, the researchers conclude, is almost 150 percent more greenhouse-gas-intensive than chicken or fish."
Did you get that last bit: 150% more harmful to keep/kill/eat cows than other animals!

I am so glad I don't eat them anymore.
Aren't you?!

Greatest Cancer Threat? Animal Protein!

Dr. T. Colin Campbell makes a startling (even for me!) statement in his video found on the VegSource web site. After describing his research and his journey from growing up on a dairy farm to a leading researcher into cancer and diet, Dr. Campbell's studies led him to state, "(animal protein) is the most significant carcinogen we consume. Forget about DDT and dioxin and things like that - we're talking about animal protein." Wow! What a radical idea.

Go watch the video at http://www.vegsource.com/video/colin.htm, and visit Dr. Campbell's web site at http://www.thechinastudy.com/about.html and let me know what you think.

His research and studies are well founded (over a forty year period) and well supported (National Institute of Health and American Cancer Society). It looks pretty solid to me - what do you think? Is cancer caused directly by eating animal products?

Think You're Healthy? Think Again!

Chances range from fair to pretty good that you're knocking at the door of a serious health breakdown.
What? You don't believe me?
Maybe you'll believe the US Food and Drug Commission: "Oy veh! are they in bad shape! I'm shaking my head they're so bad off! The direness of their situation is exponentially increasing on a moment by moment basis! Or is it decreasing? Either way, they're not long for this world, I'm tellink you."
Or perhaps you're more convinced by a university study? Someone like UCLA, maybe: "Like, MAN! You dudes are like all gnarled up inside, man! You're body is so ticked off at you for the way you're treating it, you're lucky if you don't just like off yourself, man! Whoa!"
If that doesn't convince you of the seriousness of your plight, listen to someone who has only your best interests at heart, like your own mother: "What are you, stupid!? Letting yourself go like that! Eating that, that - I don't even know what to call it, what you're eating, it's so not good for you! Did I raise you to be an idiot what doesn't take care of my precious baby like you're doing? To think of all the hours I broke my back caring for you and now you ...".
See, now you have her all upset. You should be ashamed.
The point is, you've let yourself fall into some basically rotten eating habits. We all have. Don't be too hard on yourself. But what's really dumb is to keep on doing something wrong after you realize you're doing something wrong. That's just ... wrong!
Well, it's too late now. I've told you! So now you either have to go on, knowing you're poisoning yourself, or change.
Change can be good. In this case, change can be very good.
Read on, my friends.

What's My "Diet" All About?

To answer basic questions about what I eat, what I don't eat, and why, here's a list of facts:
  • I don't eat eggs
  • I don't use dairy*
  • I DO use soy milk
  • I don't eat refined white sugar**
  • I don't eat artificial sweeteners***
  • if I use a sweetner, it's raw sugar or local organic honey
  • I don't drink sugarpops (coke, etc)
  • I don't eat refined white flour**
  • I DO stick with rye or pumpernickel breads
  • I DO eat pretty much everything else!
  • I DO get lots of protein from various sources
  • I DO get plenty of calcium, and everything else
  • I have lost 30 pounds on this "diet"
  • I have corrected my diabetes and cholesterol numbers through this lifestyle
  • I started out just for health sake, but now continue out of respect for God's pets, which He has created in infinite detail for His enjoyment, and which we were put in charge of to care for
  • "meat" is the only source of bad cholesterol: no meat = no cholesterol
  • "good" fats are in most vegetables
  • tofu, when prepared correctly, is super!
    (even potatoes can taste bad if not cooked or if cooked wrong)

  • NOTES:
    * I do eat imported cheese on rare occasion - imported cheeses are free from all the pesticides and hormones of American cheeses
    ** as much as possible, but these damaged goods are snuck into so many foods it's almost impossible to avoid them totally
    ***these have all been proven to be poisonous to one extent or another