Friday, January 29, 2010

Got Milk? Nuts to You!

Man! if it's this easy, why not get all the benefits of almond milk! Read about the nutritional value of almonds below the video ...

Almonds are popular for the following:
  • they have anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, and tonic properties
  • help alkalinize the blood and relieve stagnation in the liver,
  • help to lubricate the lungs,
  • relieve asthma and coughing,
  • clear phlegm,
  • improve energy and memory,
  • strengthen the nervous system,
  • increase strength and sexual vitality,
  • are known as brain and bone food.
Almond milk can be sweetened with a bit of natural honey or raw sugar added to the blender. It tastes great alone, as a refreshing cold drink, or as a cooking additive in the place of moo milk. Speaking of "that other milk," almond milk has not cholesterol, animal fat, or mucus-making casein.

For those of you trying to cut out dairy and/or meat from your diet (good for you!!), almond milk can be a great help in your growth.

Keep it up!