Saturday, August 14, 2010

.. and God Said It WasGood!

Let's not even get on the issue of clubbing baby seals (oops! there I said it!), and just look at this sweet animal who is clearly delighted to find a new friend. I watch this and I think of the years (or days, or millennia, or whatever) that Adam and Eve lived in the garden in peace with their animal companions. (Gen. 1:25-31; 2:18-20) This young elephant seal just seems so happy to have connected with a human who is as willing as she is to be friends. When she throws her head back, could she be saying, "Oh praise You Creator! What joy!"?

Please remember, our first duty (the "oldest profession") was to take care of the garden and the animals. We were never released from that responsibility, were we?

Be good to each other!
STEPcoach Bob