Thursday, September 3, 2009

Swine Flu Shot Dangers

A report in the London-based Daily Mail details facts and figures about the dangers of taking, or allowing your children to take, the Swine Flu Vaccine. (Read the story at )

I guess the most important lesson to learn from this is to think for yourself about the safety of your family. Investigate rather than blindly trusting anyone (even me!) Search out reputable sources and compare information.

My family won't be getting the Swine Flu shot, just as we've stopped getting the regular flu shot ('way too many poisons in it!). But you have to decide for yourself. Read the stories, investigate, consider the sources. Governmental sources of reassurance have proven wrong far too many times.

It's a gamble. Do you want to risk your family's health on promises by a government that can't balance it's checkbook each month? I don't.

Be careful out there!