Friday, June 25, 2010

The Price of Laziness

It's been a rough week. I started out last weekend feeling oddly like I had the flu or something - achy, upset stomach, etc. Then, just out of the blue, I happened to check my blood sugar - it was 385! That's more than twice what it was at its worst two years ago when I first got it.

My vegan diet got me out of trouble then, bringing my numbers all back down into healthy levels, but apparently my occasional "allowances" have been adding up. First I let cooking oils back in - granted I used extra virgin olive, but it's still oil*. Then I began falling for my old temptress, cheese**. Only a little, at first, but then eating pizza fairly often - even plain cheese pizza with all the different kinds of cheese. I should have recognized that I was getting too far off track when I began buying into the whole "eggs are part of a healthy diet" jazz and started eating EGGS#!

The clue that finally got my attention was when I started have "rolling blackouts" where I'd start to do or say something and just phase out. My wife was getting worried and so was I, when I could remember having the blackout. I got a new batch of glucose test strips and found the bad news.

So - go to the doctor and let him insist that I begin Metformin or some other poisonous diabetes drug, or get myself back to basics and clean the machine.


I set out Monday morning to renew my commitment to Dr. Barnard's Program to Reverse Diabetes, the book that saved me before. All this week I've had gentle breakfasts: steelcut oatmeal with no butter or oil, just flavorings and flax meal, or rye toast with banana spread (that's a soft banana spread on the toast!). Followed by very basic lunches: frozen fresh veggies with rice or pasta, or beans and rice; and dinner of something similar - or my treat, non fat refried beans and rice and veggie cheese burritos with lots of salsa on top. Oh, and only water to drink. Snacks were some boiled baby potatoes, salad munchies, or crisp rye bread.

Today, five days into the diet, my blood glucose was 185, 245, and 211. Not great, and certainly not where I want or need to be, but one half what it was just a few days ago.

Was it hard? Not really. I am motivated by fear and necessity, so I am sticking with the plan well. It's nice to get back to the basics. I hope I won't have to restart again, but I might. At least I know there is a safe, reasonable solution to run to.

More updates later.

God bless y'all!
Bobby C.

*Any oil contributes to the intermyocellular fats that clog your muscle cells and prevent the proper intake of glucose.
** Cheese is basically condensed, concentrated cow's milk, which means all the blood, pus, and poisons of cow's milk in super strength form!
# Eggs do, indeed, have some good properties: vitamins, amino acids, etc. But they come wrapped in a cholesterol heavy, animal protein, high sodium soup. That's 1028mg of cholesterol (yes, one THOUSAND milligrams - that's FOUR times as much as a fatty 16 ounce T bone steak!). And animal proteins, as opposed to vegetable proteins, are extremely hard on your kidneys. Sodium - don't get me started!