Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Think You're Healthy? Think Again!

Chances range from fair to pretty good that you're knocking at the door of a serious health breakdown.
What? You don't believe me?
Maybe you'll believe the US Food and Drug Commission: "Oy veh! are they in bad shape! I'm shaking my head they're so bad off! The direness of their situation is exponentially increasing on a moment by moment basis! Or is it decreasing? Either way, they're not long for this world, I'm tellink you."
Or perhaps you're more convinced by a university study? Someone like UCLA, maybe: "Like, MAN! You dudes are like all gnarled up inside, man! You're body is so ticked off at you for the way you're treating it, you're lucky if you don't just like off yourself, man! Whoa!"
If that doesn't convince you of the seriousness of your plight, listen to someone who has only your best interests at heart, like your own mother: "What are you, stupid!? Letting yourself go like that! Eating that, that - I don't even know what to call it, what you're eating, it's so not good for you! Did I raise you to be an idiot what doesn't take care of my precious baby like you're doing? To think of all the hours I broke my back caring for you and now you ...".
See, now you have her all upset. You should be ashamed.
The point is, you've let yourself fall into some basically rotten eating habits. We all have. Don't be too hard on yourself. But what's really dumb is to keep on doing something wrong after you realize you're doing something wrong. That's just ... wrong!
Well, it's too late now. I've told you! So now you either have to go on, knowing you're poisoning yourself, or change.
Change can be good. In this case, change can be very good.
Read on, my friends.

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