Thursday, July 23, 2009

"Oh Man!" black bean & corn on the cob soup

When Jo Donna says something like, "Oh! Bobby! You've got to taste this!" I know it's going to be good. Last Saturday she said just that after taking out of the fridge the beans we'd put in just the night before. I took a sip from the spoon she was holding and agreed that this was a winner - and somehow all different from what it was the night before.

We started out with dried black beans - I just tolerate the canned black beans because they're supposed to be so healthy, but the taste is blah - and, after soaking them and rinsing them half a dozen times, cooking them to tenderness, we started the seasoning adventure that makes cooking fun. Since we'd never made black beans from scratch before, we sort of played with the seasonings. We added maybe a teaspoon of sea salt and some Mrs. Dash, and then chopped two medium sized yellow onions for good measure. I was rummaging around in the fridge for ideas and saw some frozen mini-ears of corn in the freezer. Why not? So we popped two of these into the soupy beans and let it cook, covered for another half hour. Then we turned them off and let the pot cool before popping it in the fridge overnight.

The next day, as I said before, was eye-opening! The corn cobs had boiled/steamed/melted into the beans and the flavor was so rich it almost tasted like we'd dumped cream into them! I ate mine over crumbled dairy free cornbread (I'll post that recipe, too), and Jo had hers by themselves. Either way was heavenly. In fact, as we were eating, I was continuing grace in sort of a mumbling, zen mantra thing about "Oh Lord! thank you for this wonderful stuff you made and let us mix together. I wish you could share some of it with us! Hey, can we add this to the feast table menu in heaven?"

Try this - guaranteed satisfaction or your money back ... and I'll eat what's left over!

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